The Merging of Knowledge – Fourth World-University Research Group

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University Press of America. 490 Seiten. 2007

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People in Poverty and Academics Thinking Together

This work is the result of a research experiment carried out jointly over a two-year period by university professors and researchers in different disciplines (law, economics, history, psychology, physics, education, sociology and others) and members of ATD Fourth World.

« The groundbreaking search for useable knowledge of poverty and exclusion described in this unique book demonstrates the role that can be played in the formulation of that knowledge by academics, by professionals, and by the poor themselves.

Here, at last, is a deeply serious and innovative effort to blend the special perspectives of academics, professionals, and the poor into a new and respectful synthesis.

This book demonstrates what it takes to really hear and use what each participant (and especially the poor) brings to the table.

Every reader – student, teacher, researcher, professional, activist, policy maker – will think differently about what contributes to knowledge after reading this book. »

– Harold Richman – University of Chicago